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As you must have realized by now, bCoz encourages fun, tons of laughs and as much lekker vibes as possible. We try not to take ourselves too serious all the time and share as much fun as possible by doing something we really love.

It's finding a balance and finding pleasure in the in-between moments. And when you think about it, that's with your loved ones in the places and moments you make. At the family Braai with the Clan, in The Bar celebrating a promotion, on the annual Camping Trip with the boys, a hike trip with the girls or after work in the game room with the kids giggling and grunting while trying to complete the "why is this so hard?" level.

bCoz highlights just some of these everyday places and moments and we offer amazing products that will elevate those spaces and moments for years to come.

In the Dear Diary Blog we will be keeping it light, discussing everything that connects to those in-between moments we all have in our lives from amazing food spots in the Burg, Superheroes, Great Beer and even some big questions like: "Should we try Vegan Biltong?" Its all about fun in the everyday.

bCoz we all love it.

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